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The transition to a major research institution is huge and parents play a big part in this transition.  That’s why we want you to be informed and educated on the resources that WSU offers your students.  Unfortunately, many students don’t take advantage of these free resources until it’s too late.  We want you to be aware of the tutoring, supplemental instruction, counseling, career services and many other valuable resources on campus that can help your student. Please take a few moments and browse these websites.


Academic Success Center

Academic Advising

Counseling and Psychological Services

Career Services

Mort Harris Fitness Center



Family Education Rights and Privacy Act


FERPA protects the privacy of student educational records. Under FERPA, parents cannot inspect their student's records (e.g. grades, financial aid, records, etc.) Parents who wish to access their student's record must have their student sign a written consent form authorizing their release.


- FERPA Form

- FERPA Brochure

- FERPA Information



Parent Resources


Guides & handbooks

   - Parents Guide to Admission

   - Parent Handbook from the Advising Center

   - Housing Information for Parents



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   - The Parent Project: What Parents Want from the College Experience

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   - Goodbye 101

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Helpful parent websites

   - College Parents of America

   - Student Counseling Virtual Pamphlet Collection

   - What Parents Need to Know About College Drinking

   - Checklist for College Dorm - First Year of College


Parent Orientation PowerPoint



Tips for Parents


Family support is key in your student’s academic success.  With years of experience and most importantly, experience parenting a college student, we know what works and what doesn’t.   You’ve done a great job with your student thus far – you’ve gotten them into college!  The transition from high school to college is challenging,  but most importantly attainable.    Let us share some valuable tips that will equip you with the tools you need to help your student through their first year and beyond.


Download Valuable Tips for WSU Parents