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Complainant Information

Involved Parties
please complete a separate charge form 
for each individual student. If you are submitting charges for a student organization, simply list the name
of the organization.

Reason(s) for Report

4.1 All forms of academic misbehavior.
4.2 Forgery, unauthorized alteration,or unauthorized use of any University document or instrument of
4.3 Physical abuse of another person, or conduct which threatens or endangers another, or verbal or
           physical threats which cause reasonable apprehension of harm.
4.4 Unauthorized use, unauthorized possession, or unauthorized storage of a weapon.
4.5 Intentionally initiating a threat, or false report or false warning, of fire, explosion, or other emergency.
4.6 Disorderly behavior that interferes with activities authorized, sponsored, or permitted by the University
           such as teaching, research, administration, and including disorderly behavior that interferes with the
           freedom of expression of others.
4.7 Violation of the terms of any disciplinary sanction imposed in accordance with this code.
4.8 Illegal use, possession, manufacture, or distribution of drugs.
4.9 Theft of property or services or intentional or reckless damage to property, of the institution, or of a
            member of the institutional community, or of a visitor to the University.
4.10 Knowingly possessing stolen property.
4.11 Conduct that is a crime under the criminal law of the State of Michigan or the United States.
4.12 Unauthorized entrance into, or use of, institutional facilities, including computing and
              telecommunication facilities and systems.
4.13 Knowingly furnishing false information to the institution.
4.14 Intentional obstruction or disruption of institutional activities or functions.
4.15 Failure to comply with the direction of any authorized institutional representative, acting in the
              performance of his/her duties.
4.16 Maliciously initiating charges pursuant to this procedure when the initiator knows that the
              charges are baseless.
4.17 Misuse or intentional disruption of the University’s technological resources.
4.18 Any form of sexual misconduct.
4.19 Failure to comply with published University regulations or policies.
        Such regulations or policies include but are not limited to:
4.19 a) University statutes prohibiting discrimination and sexual harassment.
4.19 b) Regulations relating to entry and use of University facilities.
4.19 c) Regulations relating to sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages.                             
4.19 d) Regulations relating to use of vehicles and electronic, amplifying equipment.                             
4.19 e) Regulations relating to campus demonstrations.                             
4.19 f) Regulations relating to misuse of identification or parking cards.                             
4.19 g) Regulations relating to residing in the University's residence halls and apartments.
4.20 Abuse of the Student Code of Conduct system, including but not limited to:
4.20 a) Deliberate falsification or misrepresentation of information before a Hearing Committee Panel or
                 before a dean in an informal conference
4.20 b) Disruption or interference with the orderly conduct of a Hearing Committee Panel proceeding.
Incident Information

Use the space below to provide a detailed description of the incident using specific, concise, and objective language. Include all relevant information such as who was involved in the incident, how each person associated with this report was involved, what happened during the incident, and where/when the incident took place. Information in this form must be based on fact. Direct quotes and observed behaviors are appropriate and encouraged. Information that is arbitrary, subjective, or capricious in nature will not be considered. 
Please note that the charged student(s) may review this document.

Supporting Documentation
Examples include, but are not limited to:
 - Housing & Residential Life Incident Report(s)
 - Police Report
 - Class Syllabus
 - Original Student Work
 - Email(s) 
 - Photos