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AAUW: Warrior Women Coalition
We support the AAUW Mission by educating, encouraging, and making a difference in our campus community. Our values of empowerment, diversity and inclusion, and equity for all will provide opportunitie..


ACCESS Student MInistry - Detroit LIFE Group
The purpose of this organization is to create a space for people to grow in personal knowledge of Jesus Christ through the experience of Biblical community amongst the Wayne State community...


Active Minds
Active Minds is a national 501(c)3 organization that empowers students to speak openly about mental health in order to educate others and encourage help-seeking. We are changing the culture on campuse..


Adopt a Refugee
This organization serves to help refugees from the Middle East feel more at home in the United States. Our mission is to help them become accustomed to our educational system, culture and overall envi..


Advanced Robotics and Manufacturing Society (ARMS / Robotics Club)
The ARMS / Robotics Club is a student-led organization headquartered in Djuric Lab. We hope to provide every member with the knowledge and skills necessary to obtain a high-paying job or start a compa..


Advocates for Women Everywhere
Advocates for Women Everywhere is a community service organization. We help to fund-raise and spread awareness for issues concerning women and families. We volunteer for agencies that help serve women..


African American Arts and Cultural Society (AAACS) WSU Chapter
AAACS is a non profit founded in 1990 here in Detroit, MI. We are here to promote African cultural arts through classes, exhibits, workshops, and performances. We strive to develop bridges of communic..


African American Psychology Student Organization
African American Psychology Student Organization (AAPSO) seeks to provide resources to encourage the success of Wayne State University’s diverse psychology student population. Through academics, netwo..


After the Bell
An after-school program targetting Detroit Public Schools. The mission is to increase academic proficiency through one-on-one tutoring sessions coupled with full-court basketball games. The initiative..


Albanian American Student Organization
"The AASO at Wayne State began in November of 1998. The manner in which it began was a humble one. It was simply a desire to bring Albanians together on a campus where I knew several existed. Our..