The Campus Activities Team's primary goal is to provide a wide range of programming in relation to campus activities that will appeal to the entire student body. CAT is a student focused board which strives to establish opportunities for students to make personal, and campus-oriented connections.

"Attend all the events the Campus Activities Team has to offer! We are a student-based and student-led organization sponsored by DOSO. Our mission is to engage, involve, and connect students to campus by hosting over a hundred on and off-campus events," said Duaa Ballout, coordinator of student activities. "We strive to establish opportunities for connection across the city."

CAT Week

Meet new friends, reconnect with old ones and celebrate the start of the fall semester with CAT Week! Students can catch a movie, connect over craft projects, cut loose at the annual Block Party and enjoy a tree-climbing adventure from Sept. 6 through 10. All events are free.  

Tuesday, Sept. 6: Pot Painting & Popsicles

5 p.m. at Keast Commons

Learn more and RSVP: https://getinvolved.wayne.edu/event/8246653


Wednesday, Sept. 7: Outdoor Movie Night

8 p.m. at Keast Commons

Learn more and RSVP: https://getinvolved.wayne.edu/event/8246482


Thursday, Sept. 8: Tie Dye with Brightly Twisted

5 p.m. at Gullen Mall

Learn more and RSVP: https://getinvolved.wayne.edu/event/8201447


Friday, Sept. 9: CAT Block Party

7 p.m. at Gullen Mall

Learn more and RSVP: https://getinvolved.wayne.edu/event/8163322


Saturday, Sept. 10: TreeRunner Adventure

9:30 a.m. at TreeRunner Adventure in Rochester (shuttle from WSU available)

Learn more and RSVP: https://getinvolved.wayne.edu/event/8247630

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