Alternative Spring Break Detroit (ASBD)

Our Agenda
During ASBD, we will use a variety of experiences to better understand and enjoy our own backyard. Though volunteering is the essential backbone of the ASBD experience, we will also provide you with the opportunity to learn about Detroit (past and present), dine at various restaurants throughout the city, visit local art galleries and other cultural hot spots, as well as get to know how movers and shakers of non-profit organizations, local government, WSU, urban businesses, and the art community are playing a starring role in city revitalization.

Sunday, Mar. 10 - Thursday, Mar. 14, 2019

Why Detroit?
It's our own backyard. We go to school here. We play here. We are influenced by and have the potential to influence  what happens here. Each of our stories has become heavily woven into the fabric of Detroit. We all have a stake in what becomes of it.There is an interview component to the application process. This will take place Jan. 2019.

Please contact the Brandon Shamoun with any questions.

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