Alternative Spring Break Detroit (ASBD)

During ASBD, we will use a variety of experiences to better understand and enjoy our own backyard. You will have the opportunity to learn about Detroit (past and present), dine at various restaurants, as well as get to know how movers and shakers of non-profit organizations, local government, WSU, urban businesses, and the art community are playing a starring role in city revitalization.


ASBD is a six-day, five-night "lock-in" program during Spring Break (starting Sunday, Mar. 10, through Friday, Mar. 15, 2024).
If you cannot commit to the entire program duration, please do not apply. This year, the program will have approximately 50 spots in the program.


Applications are closed for 2024.


Our goal is for participants to come away with the awareness of the dynamic nature of our urban core, and recognize what is happening now to shape its future.  As students become involved with ASBD, they will actively discover how they fit into the City of Detroit's past, present and future.

Through volunteer service, learning experiences, and cultural awareness, ASBD hopes to dispel many of the negative stereotypes attached to Detroit by giving back.

We desire for ASBD not to be the only form of service a student becomes involved in, but rather as a launching pad for continuing future service-learning opportunities. The multitude of activities the participants will be involved in will develop their leadership skills, teamwork proficiency, personal development, and self-growth that will carry over into whatever field their future entails.

Ultimately, we hope that ASBD fosters positive, multidimensional attitudes about the metropolitan area; from the City of Detroit to the most rural of its suburbs. Through this new breed of perspectives we can overcome prejudices that have held us back from fully enjoying the opportunities this region has to offer.

Why Detroit?

It's our own backyard. We go to school here. We play here. We are influenced by and have the potential to influence  what happens here. Each of our stories has become heavily woven into the fabric of Detroit. We all have a stake in what becomes of it.  

Where did we go in 2024?


Alternative Spring Break Detroit Advisor: Brandon Shamoun
Alternative Spring Break Detroit Student Coordinators: Dania Jadallah and Camellia Mashal

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