Get involved on campus

Whether you are looking to expand your network, connect with other students within your field, or be a part of an organization that is focused on your passions or hobbies, the Dean of Students Office will help students find ways to engage and explore these opportunities throughout campus.

  • What is Get Involved?

    The Get Involved platform, powered by Engage, is a way for students to explore upcoming events, discover new and existing organizations, and stay up-to-date on what is happening around campus.

    Learn more about navigating the platform with our Basics of Get Involved resource.

  • Join a Registered Student Organization

    With over 500 organizations covering 50 different categories it is rare to not find something that peaks a student's interest. However, you can start your own Registered Student Organizations (RSO) using Get Involved. RSOs only require at least two currently registered WSU students to be recognized.

    View the list of the 2019-20 Registered Student Organizations

    Joining a RSO

    • Click the “Join” option on the page in Get Involved. This request has to be approved by the administrator of the organization, giving the applicants privileges specified for members by the organization.
    • Fraternity and Sorority Life organizations accept members for "invitation only"

    Benefits of being a RSO

    1. RSOs have access to reserve space in the Student Center and other university spaces for free or at a discounted RSO price
    2. Can apply for SAFB Funding
    3. Participation in various campus events (Festifall, Student Organization Day, Winterfest).
    4. Access to student organization locker space in the Student Center lower level
  • Download Corq and get your Event Pass


    The Corq app gives students quicks access to a list of events on campus. Students can RSVP and view their calendar of events all within the app. Corq pulls all of the events and RSVPs listed in the Get Involved platform. 

    Event Pass

    Your Event Pass is a QR code that is unique to every student. Students can access their event pass through the Corq app, or by clicking on their account in Get Involved. 

  • Training

    For a full list of training resources, please see our Get Involved training page.

    RSVP for an in-person training

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