Ombuds services

Ombuds Services is part of the Dean of Students Office's Office of Care, Support, and Intervention services. Through the Ask A Question form and the Student Complaint Form, students can seek assistance with questions they have regarding university policies and procedures. Any student who has any WSU concerns is encouraged to contact Ombuds Services and Ombuds Services will help the student connect with the appropriate procedure, resource, office or staff person. Ombuds Services can be reached at 313-577-1010 or

Tuition and Fees Appeals Board

The Tuition and Fees Appeals Board's (TFAB) purpose is to adjudicate written appeals from students to decide whether or not to cancel tuition and/or related fees based on University guidelines. The Tuition and Fees Appeals Board will consider only those appeals that are filed within one calendar year following the last day of the academic term in which the challenged tuition and/or fees were assessed.  

Tuition and Fees Appeal Board policy

Students applying to the Tuition and Fees Appeals Board must first follow the policies and procedures of the Office of the University Registrar. Refer to the Office of the University Registrar's Frequently Asked Questions page.

Tuition and Fees Appeals Board appeal application

Questions can be directed to