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Student Activities Funding Board

Funding for student events is allocated by the Student Activities Funding Board (SAFB), which is comprised of students. Funding is provided for students to plan programs and events that enhance campus life for other students. Funding is not guaranteed, including for previously approved events and any submissions that do not meet the minimum requirements will be denied. Events should be tailored to one of the following values:


  • Social Interaction: Engage students with each other in positive ways to build relationships and deepen campus connections
  • Faculty Engagement: Engage students with WSU Faculty to build relationships or connect on fields of study
  • Wellness: Educate students on making positive choices regarding financial literacy, physical health, emotional health, sexual violence prevention, and food insecurity contribute to overall wellness
  • Cultural / Identity: Encourages students to showcase or highlight their identity and culture
  • Diversity / Inclusion: Encourages students to interact with others of differing identities to broaden understanding
  • Student Development / Leadership: Events that help students develop and apply a new skill to be a better leader, organizer, planner, etc.

Minimum requirements

  • Student organization is registered (see Registered Student Organizations)
  • Proposed event is free, open to all students and the public, and occurs on campus
  • Event date does not conflict with major campus events, including but not limited to Campus Activities Team and home basketball and football games (see Events Calendar)
  • Event does not occur during finals periods, university closures and extended breaks (see Academic Calendar)
    Event funding is not available for spring/summer terms
  • Proposal is submitted at least 30 days in advance of SAFB meeting dates (PDF)

Applying for funding

Submit funding proposal

After approval

  • Confirm food purchases with WSU Dining using IRB number issued on proposal approval
  • Confirm printed materials with Student Center Graphics
  • Purchase decorations within approved costs
  • Note: All invoices and receipts need to be sent to Ryan Mitchell within 7 days of event approval

Non-fundable items/events

  • Food costs exceeding $300
  • Decoration costs exceeding $200
  • Reimbursements for purchases made prior to approval
  • Luncheons, student organization meetings, fundraisers and private events
  • Trophies, awards, gifts, and giveaways such as pens, t-shirts, etc.
  • Rush orders for last minute printing/graphics services
  • Conference registration, membership dues, and travel
  • Photography and videography
  • Any event that conflicts with major campus events and programming
  • Events that take place during finals, break periods, university closures, or spring/summer terms
  • Events where the primary audience is not current Wayne State students

Other guidelines/notes

  • Events cannot be publicized until a proposal is approved and contracts are signed, or they may be cancelled
  • Each student organization will only be approved for food one event, once per academic year, regardless of the number of events planned (General Student Center Administration Food Policy)
  • All contracts are processed by DOSO staff, and signed by the Dean of Students
  • Contracts are all-inclusive, meaning the service provider will coordinate and confirm their own travel accommodations
  • If a contract is not signed by the approved vendor or service provider at least 5 days prior to the event, they will not be allowed to perform the requested service
  • Funding is approved by line item, therefore if a total requested amount for one item is not used, it cannot be used for a different expense
  • Special preference is given to proposals that take place on a Friday night, Saturday day, Saturday night, or Sunday day
  • Failure to adhere to guidelines, university policies, etc., will result in a rejection of your proposal, and cancellation of your event

Funded events

Fall 2018 (PDF)

Winter 2019 (PDF)

For more information about these events, please check out Get Involved.

Updated Jan. 16, 2019
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