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Student Activities Funding Board

Student Activities Funding Board (SAFB) is a student board that allocates funds to student organizations for student activities that enhance campus life. Funding may be requested by any registered student organization that is planning an event which will be freeopen to all students and the public, and occur on-campus. These include social events, seminars, guest lectures, workshops, cultural performances, film screenings, instructional presentations, and more! Only proposals submitted by current students will be accepted. Faculty and staff may not apply for funding on behalf of students.

Please read all content below prior to submitting your application. 

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We will begin accepting applications for the 2019-20 year starting July 1.

Updated July 10, 2019
  • About SAFB

    Student Activities Funding Board (SAFB) is a student board that allocates funds to student organizations for student activities that enhance campus life. Funding may be requested by any registered student organization that is planning an event which will be freeopen to all students and the public, and occur on-campus. These include social events, seminars, guest lectures, workshops, cultural performances, film screenings, instructional presentations, and more!

    Program Categories

    • Cultural/Identity – events that highlight or showcase identity and/or culture
    • Faculty Engagement – events that engage students with WSU faculty
    • Professional Development – events where students learn new skills
    • Social – events that engage students with each other in positive ways to build relationships and deepen campus connections
    • Wellness – events that educate students on making positive choices regarding health and well-being
  • Approved events by semester
  • 2019-20 dates and deadlines
    Event date is on or after Proposal deadline SAFB meeting date
    August 28 July 31 at noon August 1
    September 15 August 14 at noon August 15
    October 5 September 4 at noon September 5
    October 19 September 18 at noon September 19
    November 3 October 2 at noon October 3
    November 17 October 16 at noon October 17
    December 7 November 6 at noon November 7
    December 21 November 21 at noon November 21
    January 5 December 4 at noon December 5
    February 9 January 8 at noon January 14
    February 16 January 22 at noon January 28
    March 6 February 5 at noon February 11
    March 20 February 19 at noon February 25
    April 5 March 2 at noon March 3
    April 19 and fall 2020 semester March 16 at noon March 17
    Fall 2020 semester April 6 at noon April 7
    Fall 2020 semester April 13 at noon April 14

    Late proposals will not be accepted

    Non-eligible event dates

    No events will be approved during university breaks, closures and/or finals periods, or the evening preceding any of these periods, as follows:

    • September 2, 2019
    • November 27-30, 2019
    • December 9, 2019 through January 5, 2020
    • January 20, 2020
    • March 6, 2020 through March 15, 2020
    • April 21, 2020 through September 1, 2020
  • Minimum requirements for funding

    All events and proposals must meet the following minimum requirements, or they will be excluded from consideration:

    Required documents for funding proposals

    • Student Center Graphics invoice
    • Technology Invoice
    • Space reservation confirmation
      • Community Arts Auditorium, St. Andrew’s Hall, Mort Harris Recreation Center
  • Approval process

    SAFB only meets on the dates listed in the “Dates and deadlines” section. Student organizations receive notification of approval or denial within three business days of the SAFB meeting dates. Communication about the proposal and event will only occur with the student who submitted the request. Event proposals may be approved in-full, in-part, not at all, or deferred depending on volume.

    Funding decisions are based on the following criteria:

    • Estimated costs (total and individual line items)
    • Estimated attendance
    • Event date
    • Adherence to guidelines/deadlines
    • Group capacity to plan event
    • Impact on campus life
    • Inclusivity of all students and the public
    • Number of proposals submitted per group
    • Similar events already approved

    Why events/expenses get denied

    The following is a non-exhaustive list of why events may be denied in part or completely:

    • Group did not meet with the coordinator when the event was over $500
    • Proposal requests a date for funding that is outside the deadline
    • Funding was requested for an item that cannot be approved
    • DOSO cannot confirm the legitimacy of a requested vendor’s services
    • Requested amount for vendor compensation is not fair market value for comparable services
    • Cost is too high
    • Too many similar events are already occurring
    • Group has applied for funding an excessive number of times
    • Event is non-inclusive and/or does not clearly describe the impact on campus life
    • Group did not adhere to policies and/or guidelines
    • Date of event conflicts with another major campus event

    Appeals process

    In the event that your proposal is denied, you have the option to meet with the coordinator prior to the next SAFB meeting to discuss resubmission, in accordance with posted deadlines. If your proposal is denied a second time, you may file a written appeal in writing within five days with the coordinator. The coordinator will discuss with the Dean of Students and provide a response within five days of receipt of the appeal.

  • Fundable and non-fundable event expenses

    Fundable Expenses

    • Vendors, speakers, or performers
    • Film screenings
    • Printed materials through Student Center Graphics
    • SAFB food packages with WSU Dining
    • Space reservation (Community Arts, St. Andrews Hall, Mort Harris Rec. Center)
    • Decorations and supplies (up to $200)
    • Technology (WSU Media Services, WSU Student Center, Sound Planning, Performance Staging, Blue Water Technologies, Jim Gibbons AVS)
    • WSU Public Safety

    Non-Fundable Expenses

    • Decorations/supplies cost exceeding $200
    • Reimbursements for any purchase made prior to SAFB approval
    • Luncheons, student organization meetings, fundraisers and private events
    • Trophies, awards, gifts, and giveaways such as pens, t-shirts, etc.
    • Rush orders for last minute printing/graphics services
    • Conference registration, membership dues and travel
    • Photography and videography of any kind
    • Any event that conflicts with major campus events and programming
    • Events that take place during finals, break periods, university closures, or spring/summer terms, or the night preceding any of these times
    • Events where the primary audience is not current Wayne State students
    • Vendors that cannot prove fair-market value for their services
    • Events publicized prior to receiving SAFB approval
    • MCs and hosts
    • Stage technology/construction
  • Funding maximums

    Student organizations may have up to three proposals approved per semester. Events cannot exceed $5,000 in contracted services (excluding technology).

    No more than 5 contracted services, speakers, or vendors will be approved per event

  • Food policy

    Each organization may have food approved one time per year for one event for snacks and refreshments. If requesting food for an event, you may select from one of the following food packages:

    Serves up to 30 guests

    1. Mini turkey and cheese wraps
      Mini vegetable wraps
      Fresh fruit and vegetable tray
      Chocolate chip cookies
      Lemonade and ice water
    2. Chopped BBQ halal chicken salad
      Chopped Asian kale salad
      Flat bread
      Fresh fruit tray
      Chocolate chip cookies
      Lemonade and ice water
    3. Mini muffins
      Mini danish
      Fresh fruit tray
      Three (3) traveler boxes of regular coffee
      Ice water

    Serves up to 60 guests

    1. Feta and garlic dip
      Ginger verde guacamole
      Vegetable crudité
      Tortilla chips
      Pita chips
      Chocolate chip cookies
      Lemonade and ice water
    2. Ice cream social – delivered on campus
      Vanilla or chocolate ice cream
      Chocolate sauce
      Oreo pieces
    3. Mini muffins
      Five (5) traveler boxes of regular coffee
      Ice water

    Serves up to 100 guests

    1. Potato chips and dip
      Roasted peanuts
      Chocolate chip cookies
      Lemonade and ice water

    Food orders are placed by DOSO staff. All food orders must be picked up from WSU Dining 30 minutes before the start of the event by the student organization, unless otherwise noted.

    Outside food, reimbursements and substitutions will not be covered.

  • Reimbursements

    Receipts and paperwork for any reimbursement must be submitted to DOSO within 60 calendar days of the approved event date. No exceptions will be made for late receipts and paperwork. All receipts must be the original receipt from the vendor/store. If an invoice is provided, it must be marked paid and include the name of person making the payment, method of payment and date of payment.

  • Vendor information

    All vendors must provide their own contract to the Coordinator via email within 10 calendar days of the approval notification. All contracts are reviewed and approved by the Office of General Counsel. DOSO reserves the right to refuse contracting any vendor that does not adhere to the timeline, or acts in a way that is disruptive to normal business operations.

    Vendors should be aware of these policies related to contracting with the University:

    • The contract must be written as one between the vendor and Wayne State University
    • All travel expenses must be incorporated into a flat fee for services being provided
    • Payment will be made in full at the time of services, not before
    • All correspondence regarding contracts and documentation must occur with and through the DOSO coordinator

    In addition to vendor contracts, individuals and businesses will be required to complete a W9 if services have not been provided to the University previously. Businesses and other entities are also required to complete a New Vendor Form. These documents will be requested after an event is approved by the Coordinator via email to the vendor.

  • Serving on SAFB

    SAFB consists of student involved on-campus who represent different backgrounds at Wayne State. Applications for SAFB open up every April for the following academic year, with interviews and selection occurring in May. SAFB candidates must apply online and interview for the position with a committee composed of staff and students. SAFB is guided by the strategic plan of the University.

    Applicants must meet the minimum following requirements:

    • Be in good standing with the University
    • Have an earned cumulative GPA of 2.50, and maintain that for the academic year
    • Have earned at least 24 undergraduate credits or 12 graduate credits at Wayne State
    • Be available for fall semester meetings on Thursdays from 4 to 6 p.m.
    • Not hold a leadership position simultaneously with Campus Activities Team

    Responsibilities of SAFB Members

    • Attend SAFB meetings as scheduled
    • Attend 1-2 SAFB approved events per month
    • Attend 1:1 meetings with DOSO coordinator
    • Complete a mid-semester evaluation each semester

    Students serving on the board are provided an activity award at the beginning of Fall and Winter semesters. Failure to meet the responsibilities laid out here may result in the student refunding the award to the University.

    The application for the 2020-21 academic year will open in April 2020.

  • Meet the Board


    Shelby Cadwell, Secretary
    English and Film Studies
    Ph.D. student

    Madison Ford
    Mathematics, Public Health minor
    Undergraduate student

    Mike Genna
    Finance major
    Undergraduate student

    Kiristen Hubbard
    Psychology, Criminal Justice and Sociology minors
    Undergraduate student

    Kayla Jordan, Vice-Chair
    Business Administration
    Master’s student

    Senate Representatives

    Kamali Clora, Chair
    Public Health
    Undergraduate student

    Jasmine Coles
    Biological Sciences
    Undergraduate student


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