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Student Activities Funding Board

The Student Activities Funding Board (SAFB) is a seven student board that allocates funds to student organizations for events and programs to enhance student activities and campus life. Any recognized student group or organization can apply for funds, however SAFB will only provide funding for events that are free, open to all students and the public, and take place on-campus

Please contact Ryan Mitchell, Coordinator of Student Life, to help you with any/all needs you have in putting together your event proposal and event. You are required to schedule a time to meet with Ryan before submitting any proposals if the event cost will exceed $2,000. If your organization is requesting funding for the first time, it is highly recommended that you meet with Ryan before submitting a proposal.

How to apply

Please view all application guidelines and restrictions prior to submitting.

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When to apply

Fall proposals will be accepted starting July 23, however no events scheduled prior to September 14 will be approved for funding. All proposals will need to be submitted at least 4 weekends prior to the next SAFB review date. If you have a concern regarding the application, please email Ryan Mitchell.

The funding proposal must emphasize the impact the event will have on campus life. Not all proposals will be accepted, and funding is not necessarily guaranteed for events that have been approved in the past. Incomplete forms may not be considered. Funding is limited, and proposal review is a competitive process. Please review all policies and restrictions before submitting any funding proposal. Review the downloadable planning checklist to help understand why proposals may be rejected.

2018-19 Meetings:

SAFB meeting date Event date must be on or after*
Thursday, August 16 Friday, September 14
Thursday, September 6 Friday, October 5
Thursday, September 20 Friday, October 19
Thursday, October 4 Friday, November 2
Thursday, October 18 Friday, November 16
Thursday, November 1 Friday, November 30
Thursday, November 15 Friday, December 14
Thursday, December 6 Friday, January 4
Thursday, December 20 Friday, January 18
Thursday, January 10 Friday, February 8
Thrusday, January 24 Friday, February 22
Thursday, February 7 Friday, March 8
Thursday, February 21 Friday, March 22
Thursday, March 7 Friday, April 5
Thursday, March 21 Friday, April 19
Thursday, April 4 Fall 2019 events

*If your event is scheduled to occur prior to the on or after date for the next meeting, it will be DENIED.  Please consider scheduling for a later date if you wish to be considered for SAFB funding.


WarriorFunder is Wayne State University's crowdfunding platform for student community-based fundraising. Donors have a new avenue to provide support directly to the schools, programs, and specific projects at the university that are most meaningful to them. Through WarriorFunder, students, alumni, friends, faculty, and staff can make a collective impact on our campus community.

Theatre and Dance Student Organization Fundraiser Initiative

Theatre and Dance at Wayne has created a zero risk fundraising initiative that involves no upfront cost and rewards student organizations with the opportunity to raise funds while enjoying one of our many performances.

How it works:

  1. Pick up your vouchers from the Theatre and Dance Department.
  2. Sell your vouchers to parents, classmates, co-workers, church members, family, friends etc. at whatever price you choose (Suggested $20-$30).
  3. You will only be billed for vouchers that are redeemed at the Theatre, at $8.00 per voucher.

Your student organization can keep the entire profit from a voucher sale that is never redeemed. If you don't sell any vouchers your organization will not be billed for anything, and the best part is participating doesn't require a deposit or upfront cost whatsoever.

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