Student conduct, support and intervention

Wayne State University strives to provide a safe and productive campus environment that supports the overall educational mission of the University.  Our goal in the Dean of Students Office is to help students develop a greater sense of self-awareness and to provide support on their paths toward becoming more engaged and productive global citizens.

We recognize that issues may arise when students make choices that conflict with the values and policies of the University.  We work with students to address these issues, while focusing on what may be causing the behavior.  We educate students with regard to all aspects of the student conduct process, while ensuring fair treatment of everyone involved. 

In addition to working with student conduct, the Dean of Students Office coordinates support and intervention for students in times of challenge or crisis.  In some cases, students may be experiencing certain issues for the first time, while for others these issues may be ongoing.  We connect WSU students with campus services and resources that cultivate student success and development.

The Dean of Students Office serves as a resource for all members of our campus community—students, faculty and staff.

Student Code of Conduct

Faculty and staff resources

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