Student organization resources

The Dean of Students Office student organization resources area supports the development, advising and operations of university recognized student organizations.

The Student Organization Resources area's mission is:

  • To support student organizations as a means for enriching the campus life experience for organization members and the greater campus community;
  • Develop student organizations so they may provide quality programs, services, and leadership opportunities that enhance student classroom learning and compliment the Wayne State experience; and;
  • To support student intellectual growth and social maturity through promoting ethical and moral development, appreciating diversity, encouraging civic engagement, providing leadership development, and supporting the establishment of meaningful interpersonal relationships. 

List of Registered Student Organizations

  • Student Organization registration

    With over 500 organizations covering 50 different categories it is rare to not find something that peaks a student's interest. However, you can start your own Registered Student Organizations (RSO) using Get Involved. RSOs only require at least two currently registered WSU students to be recognized.

    Register your student organization

    All student organizations are required to re-register their organization every academic year. Re-registration will begin August 5, 2019 for the 2019-20 academic year.

    1. Log in to Get Involved
    2. Click "Organizations"
    3. Click "Register an Organization"
    4. To re-register: Select "Manage" from the waffle menu in the upper right of your screen. Select the organization you would like to re-register. On the following page you will see a blue box that says "Re-register This Organization", then complete the form. Please review how to change your roster if you had a change in presidents before re-registering your organization.
      To register a new organization: Click the organizations tab. On the left-hand side click "Register and Organization" then click "Register a New Organization". Please make sure to select "Student Organizations"
    5. Follow all prompts and carefully read instructions before submitting
    6. All requests are reviewed by the Dean of Students Office within 3-5 business days

    Benefits of being a RSO

    1. RSOs have access to reserve space in the Student Center and other university spaces for free or at a discounted RSO price
    2. Can apply for SAFB Funding
    3. Participation in various campus events (Festifall, Student Organization Day, Winterfest).
    4. Access to student organization locker space in the Student Center lower level
    5. Access to promote events and opportunities through the Deans of Students Office


  • Organization management

    Roster Management

    All organizations are required to have one (1) president and at least one (1) other member. Each organization may only have one president. 

    Managing your roster

    Messaging Members

    1.  Log into Get Involved
    2. Click the box next to account picture
    3. Click "Manage"
    4. Select respective organization
    5. Click the bars next to the organization name in the top left corner
    6. Click "Roster"
    7. Click "Messaging" in the top right hand corner


    1. Log into Get Involved
    2. Go to your organization's page
    3. Click "Manage organization"
    4. Select respective organization
    5. Click the bars next to the organizations name in the top left corner
    6. Click "Elections"
  • Reserving space on campus

    NEW – the process of reserving space on campus has been streamlined as of August 5, 2019.

    Classroom spaces

    Classroom spaces are reserved using the event submission in Get Involved. The Dean of Students Office will assist in reserving classroom spaces once the submission is completed.

    Creating a New Event in your Organization

    Please contact 313-577-1010 or with any questions.

    Student Center Administration (SCA) spaces

    Please use the EMS WebApp to make your reservation. If your student organization does not appear in EMS as an option for you, you will need to go to SCA (011 Student Center) or call at 313-588-4585 set it up. The student booking the space must be on a roster of a Registered Student Organization to reserve the space.

    List of reservable spaces

    Questions, please contact or 313-577-4585.

    University Library System spaces

    To reserve space in one of the University Libraries, please use the Library Space Reservation Form.

    Library Space Reservation Policies and Reservable Spaces

    Questions should be directed to Marilyn Weiss (, Nancy Swenskowski (, and Matthew Wisotsky ( 

    Create an event for SCA and Library spaces in Get Involved

    Registered student organizations may create an event in Get Involved for events in SCA and Libraries spaces. Follow the same steps you would for classroom spaces, then when prompted, select “Create an event” instead of “Reserve classroom space”. The Dean of Students will approve the event without review. This DOES NOT confirm the space.

    Why do this? You will have access to:

  • Food policies

    Classroom spaces

    There is no food allowed in classroom spaces.

    Student Center Administration spaces

    Reservations policies

    Catering and food service

    University Library System spaces

    Library Space Reservation Policies

  • Using the Event Pass at your event to track attendance

    The Event Check-in App makes attendance tracking easy. As soon as you enable mobile check in, users can access their Event Pass by logging into Get Involved or using the Corq app. When signing into Get Involved, click on your profile picture in the top right of the screen and you will see the "Event Pass" option. Click this and it will display your unique code. To access your event pass in Corq, simply open up your menu in the Corq app and select "Event Pass" to generate your unique pass. 

    After your event, you can export your event attendance by following these steps:

    1. Log into Get Involved
    2. Click on your event and then select "Manage"
    3. Select "Track Attendance." Here you can see a list of your attendees. You can also manage their attendance
      on this page
    4. Click "Export"
    5. The file can be found in your downloads page

    Get Involved resources

    Tracking Event Participation with Event Pass 

  • Promote your event

    The Dean of Students Office can help promote your student organizations events and opportunities.

    Promotion request

    Ways we can help promote:

    • Social media 
      We can share your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter posts that relate to your event or opportunity
    • Get Involved Newsletter
      Your event or opportunity can be included in the newsletter that goes out Sundays and Wednesdays during the fall and winter semesters
    • Get Involved print and digital calendar marketing
      Have your event included on the Get Involved calendars that go out throughout campus during the fall and winter semesters
      – Monthly calendars – must be submitted mid-month, the month previous to be included
       Building displays and residence hall banners – are printed and delivered every other week, must be submitted the week prior to print
       Table tents and digital signs – must be submitted by Tuesday the week prior

    Note: this is not a request for artwork/graphics or content creation. If you need assistance with design, we would suggest working with Student Center Graphics or a free service like Canva. Events and opportunities should be for current Wayne State University students.

  • Marketing

    Design services

    The Student Center provides various marketing services for registered student organizations

    University logo

    All registered student organizations may use the WSU logo. Organizations must follow the university branding guidelines. University logos can be found on the Marketing and Communications website.

    Branded merchandise

    Any merchandise that displays Wayne State’s name or logos (T-shirts, hats, giveaways, awards, etc.) must be purchased through a licensed vendor. Please see the list of licensed vendors on the Marketing and Communications website.

  • Apply for event funding

    Student Activities Funding Board

    Funding for student events is allocated by the Student Activities Funding Board (SAFB), which is comprised of students. Funding is provided for students to plan programs and events that enhance campus life for other students. Funding is not guaranteed, including for previously approved events and any submissions that do not meet the minimum requirements will be denied. 

    Read more

  • Fundraising

    Fundraising options

    • Student organizations can register to hold a bake sale at approved campus locations including State, Hall, Student Center, General Lectures and Old Main. You can register here.
    • Student organizations can request departmental help and fundraise through their budgets.
    • Apply to be a part of Wayne State's crowdfunding program called Warrior Funder through the project application.
  • Banking information

    Effective Dec. 21, 2018, the Dean of Students Office will no longer service student organization agency accounts. Instead, student organizations are encouraged to establish business checking accounts with a banking institution, and while the Dean of Students Office does not recommend a particular institution, a special student organization business account is being offered by Michigan First Credit Union, located on the first floor of the Student Center and the 5057 Woodward Building (behind the Welcome Center).

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  • Training

    For a full list of training resources, please see our Get Involved training page.

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