Student organization resources

The Dean of Students Office student organization resources area supports the development, advising, and operations of university recognized student organizations.

The Student Organization Resources area's mission is:

  • To support student organizations as a means for enriching the campus life experience for organization members and the greater campus community;
  • Develop student organizations so they may provide quality programs, services, and leadership opportunities that enhance student classroom learning and compliment the Wayne State experience; and;
  • To support student intellectual growth and social maturity through promoting ethical and moral development, appreciating diversity, encouraging civic engagement, providing leadership development, and supporting the establishment of meaningful interpersonal relationships. 

Event Planning Form

The Event Planning Form (EPF) has moved! All submissions will now go through Get Involved (powered by Engage). Follow the steps below to submit your request. 

  1. Your organization needs to be recognized
    Renew your organization
    Start a new student organization
  2. Log in to Get Involved
  3. Go to your organization's page
  4. Click "Manage Organization"
  5. Click on the hamburger menu on the left-hand side
  6. Click "Events"
  7. Click "Create Event"*

*If you do not see the "Create an Event" button, you have not been granted access to create events for your organization. You need to talk to your organization's President, who has administrator access, to give you access.

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