How to track attendance for virtual programs

Basic navigation

Once logged in, click on the "waffle" menu in the upper right corner of your screen and select "manage."

This is the

This will take you to our Action center where you will select your organization.

Once on your organization's home page, click on the three bar hamburger button in the upper left corner. Now click on the button that says "Events."

This is the hamburger scroll down tab where you will click on events

Tracking attendance

Select the event you want to track from the list. Once you're in the event management view, scroll down until you see the 'Event Attendance' section. At the bottom, you will see an attendance URL. Click the "copy" button to easily copy the link, then past it into the chat area of whatever virtual meeting platform you're using (Zoom, Microsost Teams, Facebook Live, etc.). Depending on the platform you're using, you may need to past the URL multiple times so all attendees see it. 

Image shows a screenshot of the Event Attendance section of an event in Get Involved. There is a red box highlighting the section for the event attendance URL.

When an attendee clicks the link, they're be taken to the Get Involved homepage and a small blue alert bar will pop up at the bottom to let them know their attendance has been tracked for that event. If they're not already logged into a WSU platform, they'll be asked to log in first. 

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